Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm Being's alright?

It's time's like these when I just want to arghhhh:

I come home from an excruciating 8 hour shift where nothing makes sense or works at WORK
Customers or "fans" have backlashed against the company you work for and have created ranting conversations on the Facebook Fanpage (ruining your post, and image in your boss's eyes)
You feel like you just.can' and no matter how hard you try to tell yourself that snow can be pretty too, it just really isn't when drippy spots of yellow beckon every corner (thanks BERLIN, I like dogs too but come ooooon!)
The massage therapist speaks only German and discusses complex studies on psychology and a personal business she'd like to open up one day, all the while her stomach growls because she is hungry.
I can't keep up conversations LIKE THOSE D: ! I just want a nice back massage! But I am considering opting out of them further because frankly, I don't care what language the massage therapist speaks (or I understand...I like to be massaged in silence, shhh!)
The turning point of the night is being loved and cuddled by...him <3 eggplant pasta with avocado salad with tomatoes and onions, balsamic vinegar and toast
I call my Mom up to see how she's healing, and what a wonderful thing, my Dad has got the day off and they are together at one of my favorite beaches on the West side of Oahu

"It's a sunny day, hot, a little breezy! Your Dad is going shell hunting and I will just lay out here on the beach."

"You just let us know when you want that ticket back home!"

I have never experienced the sensation of being mad, homesick, jealous, happy, and grateful all at once!

I sat there and cried....It's not so much that I miss Hawaii. I miss comfort and warmth. It doesn't have to be home for me to feel it, but it sure would help.

I miss them:


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Turmeric Discovery for Leesee!

Somewhere along the lines of social media, turmeric has been a hot word among friends and celebrities alike.
After doing some internet research a lot of the articles I read state the same benefits of what turmeric offers!
Some of the great qualities I look forward to reaping are:
- Cancer blocking
- Antioxidant values against free radicals
- Potent anti-inflammatory
- Wonderful for asthmatics
- Disinfects cuts and burns
- Natural liver detoxifier
- May prevent Alzheimer's disease
- Natural painkiller
- Speeds up healing in wounds, and skin management
- weight management

I'm not a health enthusiast, but I really enjoy the fact that it aids in so many areas for the body! It's inexpensive, and can be found in most grocery stores! We purchased our turmeric from Vinh-Loi on See Strasse (among many other Asian goods for our kitchen).

So, this is my first go at turmeric, and to be honest it tastes like ginger grass (my burps are going to be strange), but after doing more research (on youtube) one can add flavor enhancers like: honey, coconut milk, regular milk, chai masala, and even pepper! One click on the photo above will take you straight to the recipe!

Of course, I'm just a blogger, so perhaps you feel that my advice on anything really is not credible - that's fair! So here is a link that will direct you to a DOCTOR who seems to know what he's talking about when it comes to turmeric.

So a big CHEERS! to your turmeric adventures, and may they be more delicious than my first try!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Dark Was the Night...and Day in shady Berlin

Here is a lovely track, originally sung by Vashti Bunyan. I heard it about two years ago, but it is an inescapable, chilling, and haunting tune. I really like the original, but I like the way Feist and Ben Gibbard sing it together.
Vashti's voice is much more eery and haunting though.

I almost purchased 'Dark Was The Night' from Urban Outfitters in Portland, but decided not to. My reasoning behind it - I had just purchased Samsungs new Smart phone, and therefore had heard many of the songs shuffled around through Pandora. I regret it now though, because I have a very basic plan with my phone, and therefore cannot access Pandora, oh, and Pandora doesn't exist in Germany...yet ;)

On really overcast and snowy weathered days like this, I would listen to that CD, and probably just blog all day, or eat the abundance of chocolate leftover from Christmas!

Sent all the way from Honolulu, HI - a box of spicy Tiger Chai Latte tea bags! I have enjoyed them endlessly with two leveled scoops of sugar, hot water, and a little milk!

One day I made Sebastian pancakes and bought whipped cream - it serves as a nice topping for my latte, thanks mee mee.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Have you picked up any new languages lately?

Have you ever met anyone who could speak more than three?
Based on personal experience, U.S Americans really don't speak more than one! If some of them are lucky, their parents are originally from Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, etc, and are therefore : BILINGUAL

I consider it a blessing! All of those years I had wished speaking another language growing up, is now being compensated during my time out here in Germany.

Some have said that I have a talent for learning new languages, I guess I could agree...what is the root exactly? I think it's listening carefully. My ears are somewhat tuned into stretching out vowels and stringing them together with complex letters.

Growing up, my Dad used to say out loud on car rides to preschool and elementary very complex and hard words for children, and then challenge us to repeat it :

"I bet you can't say myocardialinfarction"

Brief Photos of 2012 Travels

Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm Having Trouble Staying Still

The word is 'Arbeitsunfähigkeit' (Are-bites-oon-fay-hig-kite)
It's the magic password workers in Germany present to HR upon prescribed bed rest for up to six weeks.
Is it paid for? You bet!

Bronchitis (for me) usually takes it's course within a couple of days, if I don't do enough to prevent it. It starts in the throat, then the nose, and thennnn in the chest! But this time around, it skipped all of those areas and within one or two hours my chest was under attack with tightness and wheezing!

My natural reaction was to bear it, because I am somewhat new to the company I am working at, and for me, missing a day is crucial to my learning. It sounds kind of geeky, but I am the only one in charge of the English speaking domain (I work for a social gaming startup ;) ) We send Newsletters twice a week, and it. is. not. simple.! The more I send those buggers out, the more experienced I get! For the past 5 weeks, I have relied on my colleagues to shadow my every movement - and it's becoming tiresome for both.

It's a start-up and I really like it so far. The environment is (as they posted correctly in advertisements) a flat hierarchy and serves amazing coffee!! There are really good restaurants and eateries to go to for lunch, and one could easily spend up to 5 EURO for a whole meal of Bread and Pasta! Luckily for me, and my upbringing, I prepare meals at home meant for left overs! So many a times, I sit alone in the kitchen and read. On an occasional Friday or Monday I join the rest for Pizza or Turkish food! Simit Toast, try it! According to my Turkish colleague, La Femme serves the best!

This week, Sebastian and I have eaten the spiciest Korean stew ever! I am convinced that a pot full of chili pepper flakes and assorted vegetables with a miso soup base is the remedy! But I must admit, I am feeling restless. For now, I do FB posts and blog posts from home, and certain translations for work, but it isn't enough! I hope I don't turn into one of these women who even on vacation cannot sit still without checking emails constantly! Shouldn't I be sleeping now? Maybe watching Devil Wears Prada and sipping on OJ and Chicken noodle soup? On the contrary, I am stirring, wanting to clean the apartment, work on my Master thesis, do arts and crafts - and somehow manage to contribute at work! All of those things will give me more energy, but since my nose is a leaky faucet, and my eyes are heavy and weak - sleep must be the thing.

Here is a clip I found of Sebastian and I in Prague, being tourists!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

No sweat!

Weather forecasts report casualties due to fog

The trees are skeletal and holding onto one or two yellow leaves

I wake up nearly every morning and the sky is light grey

Christmas markets are beginning to decorate with plastic trees...

and for some reason (better than last week)...I'm feeling quite happy

Winter just must be an enjoyable season for me, because I have a hunch it wont be my last.
I'm writing from a very awesome location actually, I would describe it as a cafe on the corner of an intersection. The HEISSE SCHOKOLADE (hot chocolate) I am sipping on tastes more like chalk water, it's in a tall glass (that's a plus) but it was a bit pricey (3 euros 10 cents).

But I've had better here :) their pastries are super delicious, and the wifi is free. Dim lighting and hipster music will also serve to please. Across from this cafe are places to eat (which is more on my mind). I ate a pretty legit tiramisu and pizza.

Somehow, it compensates because the environment is unique. It's large two stories fit loads of people, and provide outlets everywhere for laptops and such. My favorite place is the second story because it allows me to look out of the window and stare down at hipsters and traffic.

Any moment, Sebastian will walk in with his huge tennis bag and probably and gladly finish my