Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm in Dresden on vacation

What a vacation it's been, absolutely splendid, and every corner of Dresden (besides the grafittied walls and buildings) is magnificent and up kept true to its historical aesthetic.

If someone asked me about Dresden, I would not know where to begin. I might start with my very first and memorable experience which was eating dinner with my boyfriend and his family after a long 24hr plane ride from Honolulu to LA to Dusseldorf to Dresden.

 Sebastian's dad knew I liked rice (because duh, I'm from Hawaii), gratefully, they made a unique rice dish with curry and chicken. NOT a traditional German food, it was more of a comfort food to welcome me into my new foreign surroundings.

I haven't touched ranch dressing or thousand island dressing since I got here. The Grottkes are agriculturalists. Everything must be fresh market veggies! If it isn't they wont buy it :). The curry rice dish was accompanied with fresh tomato salad and green onions to accompany it with. I marveled over the deliciousness and freshness of the dressing and asked how it was made. Perhaps you should try it since who knows what the heck is in that salad dressing of yours!

What they do:
Chop all of the vegetables that's going into the salad
Save the juice from the tomatoes you cut into a bowl
Add pepper
Add Sunflower seed oil
Stir it of course

and then voila! drizzle it over the salad.
You might never eat ranch dressing with your salad again.