Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm in Dresden on vacation

We're going to Birkwitz tomorrow!
It's the only lake I've ever been to in my life. I only know of one lake existing in Hawaii, and for years it was a toxic dump.

Birkwitz is unique for my taste. I really like it.
Anyway, it's the closest thing I have to an ocean.
There is something very healing about swimming and just letting the body float around in the placidity of the lake. It is also unique, that even if it is blazing hot over Dresden, the lake is still icy cold.
I feel that diving in right away is how you approach this body of water.
And it's not so much that the body adjusts to the temperature, I think it is in just pure shock, it then goes numb.

That tiny book in my hand is my English to German dictionary.
It has been helpful sometimes, but not all.
Learning the language seems to come much more easier to me when I pay attention to what people around me are saying, and then use it on my own (the way I think it means). Usually I'm right.
This is how children learn, this is also how they learn not to.
I might invest in taking German language courses, but I don't think I can afford it nor budget for it.
I will reveal in blogs to come of what my situation will be like in Berlin.
Reality sets in ladies and gentleman...and while I am living up summer in Germany to the fullest, colder seasons are upon us, and I have no idea.

Todo, we're not in Honolulu anymore :]