Friday, December 30, 2011

En route to Honolulu - my thoughts while in-flight

My first day back on paradise island - and I have no idea with this Holiday will surmount to, each step I take is unfamiliar, and at the same time it feels as if I never left. To me, the world becomes so parallel when I travel. 
Below are some thoughts that arose during my in flight - en route hours:

Best Regards

It is mystifying how one puts everything (or nothing at all) into the application process of seeking internships, jobs, scholarships – or things we want that require a certain “letter writing” format.
It’s funny how in this desperate day and age, when we’re all struggling to find jobs to sustain ourselves somehow we place emphasis on those academic taboos that make us nervous just as we are to send out that letter.
Best regards?
Thank you for your attention?
Who are we trying to impress and what kinds of format-nazis are turning down our inquiries because sincerely is too emotional or too touchy for this kind of work?
At which point in our lives, does that kind of simple thing govern our quality of work?
Personally, I always liked best regards, and of course – sincerely, so as to not sound like a repetitive 
e-mailing, letter writing robot, I combined the two … I wonder if its invented…sincere regards

Serving Mai Tais over nothing
How many post baccalaureates are truly searching for jobs (not even careers) that never suit their interests? How many of them are biting into the media frenzy that 80% of 2011 college grads move home and remain jobless?
How many of them are:
Sales Associates
Flight Attendants

Basically searching for JOBS rather than careers with plans?
Personally, its intimidating, I try not to pay too much attention to what the media says, so I walk around with this determined attitude in my Master’s program and search for resume boosting internships or jobs. I feel that the waitressing days are over- given, I am looking for one for now as I return to Honolulu for six weeks, to be realistic a six-week vacation in Hawaii is not the most ideal environment for an individual hoping to be employed in good faith.

So for now, I’ll settle for nearly anything- but even I face the dilemma or elephant in the room that says,
“Yeah Elise, you’re great – but you’re not innovative enough, inventive, or creative to make it out there.”
It’s surely intimidating to think of some of the entrepreneurial ventures I would like to undergo, but the only thing I see stopping me are mental blocks.

I’m hoping to overcome some of them while I am out here with everything in retrospect
Hawaii – Berlin - Hawaii