Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm going to try - Berlin

Actually, I'm not sure if it's about trying at all.
It seems as if I have skipped an entire semester's worth of blogging - which is a shame since so much has gone on since the first day of Berlin, which was my last post!

Shame, shame shame.

I guess it's because I sincerely did not make time for myself to blog my thoughts and experiences.
Sebastian and I considered this semester (which is coming to an end on Wednesday) a crash course into Berlin living, a study hard semester - little time for play, and tons of work and studying with Dresden trips and parental trips in between.

It's been a busy one indeed.

What I should have mentioned before is, I will be back to the homelands sooner than expected.
The original return was set for Summer, but due to mis-communication and what not.
I'll be arriving in Honolulu on the 29th of December. Yay, sort of.

I will deeply miss Sebastian, and the charming life we've been nurturing out here in Europe. The fairy tale never ends. Did you know, that some mornings he prepares my breakfast setting

- teacup and saucer
- dipping spoon
- black tea bag

- toast
- bowl with spoon for cereal and a plate to lay my toast
- and a butter knife
- and an extra cup in case I decide to have milk or juice with my tea

Yeah, it's like that - he's amazing

My stay in Hawaii will be fortunately AND unfortunately short - 6 weeks
I need to make money too! But who's gonna hire a girl when most jobs take ten days to train?!
So it's interhsips, mini jobs, old employers and side jobs to the rescue - I hope.
Do you know how sickening it is to craigslist positions?
It's hard to depict fake and phony.

To summarize, I would like to state that I will be writing more often come vacation time.
How radical of a change to leave winterrrrrrrBerlinnnnn for sunnyyyHonolulu.

Things will be put into perspective, no doubt. And I will take the opportunity to unwind and reflect.

Deep writing, maybe.