Monday, February 27, 2012

Discovering Berlin

Monday 27.02.12

Tacheleles - "Plain Talking" Free artistic activity 

- galleries
- cinema High End 54
- Smell of spray paint and ...pee... in some corners
- lots of young hipster tourists with cameras and hesitance

Tuesday 28.02.12

Victoria Park - Waterfall and monument ending Napoleon's crimes 

- getting off at Merringdamm
- walking through Kreuzberg remembering our favorite buildings, cafes, and restaurants
- constant search for a smaller lighter bag that will house only my wallet and make-up purse
- an alternative and no-pressure sex shop (just for gags)
- Sebastian's contemplations concerning a 28 euro ukulele, we'll have to pick one up in Hawaii next time babe
- Finally, a fresh walk through the park downhills & uphills until we reach the castle-like monument
- wait, where was Napolean defeated? Where did he die? Leipzig? I thought he was marooned and died there
- 8)

Knickelkopp Cafe - Kreuzberg Str.

- underground basement activity cafe
- it's like walking into a fairytale granny's kitchen...and some indie lady playing xx and radiohead
- her dog ELVIS sits on a comfy leather chair with a bright green blanket - pretending to be invisible to people walking by wanting to pet it...I bet he hates that, for respect of the dog...I didn't touch him :( Sebastian did though - he didn't look pleased
- A depressing game of android - pool
- I guess inadvertently, Sebastian bought the loser a raspberry candy and rubbed in my loss on the walk home...I tried many times to change the subject because I am a poor poor loser, he is so funny

Wednesday 29.02.12

TU Tennis with my boyfriend the tennis trainer

- fuzzy yellow balls
- confusion...why does my forehand suck all of a sudden?
- should we go back to the baseline?
- "for the last ten minutes I want you to attack the ball" "Let out all of your aggression"
- I was really motivated to not let you down..I'm sure my body will pay for it tomorrow morning :p

Grunewald Tennis 

- two cheap slices of pizza and a bottled coke
- Sebastian's job as a tennis instructorrrrrrrr
- me sitting in Grunewald's cafe with cappuccino and pommes...and a fork to compliment the pommes, un-eaten mayo and OOPS I forgot my pin number to my Deutsche Bank card. How embarrassing, the kellnerin was not happy with me
- Russian Disco, BERLIN Hotels & More
- I watched the last 30 minutes of Sebastian rounding up little kids for a "friendly" fussball match
- His team lost - karma buddy!