Sunday, September 16, 2012

Discovering Berlin: Pizza & Cappuccinos

Sebastian arrived a little later (as expected) because he went on a brief grocery run to purchase ingredients for Japanese Curry:

1) Chicken Breasts
2) Toast! for breakfast...
3) Carrots

We had plans per advice of sugarhigh to attend an event that took place in a garden with tons of accordion players.

We missed it, no drama there, but were left with the sunshine, blank ideas, and spontaneity.

It is advised that when faced with plans that fail, a walk in the sunshine as your next plan may stimulate other ideas of what to do.

SO we left the house and attempted to find a green park in which Sebastian could use as a new jogging spot. His handy phone sure did lead us there, but failed to indicate on his screen the gravestones sticking out of the lush greenery.

Change of plans! again! :)

We took the tram 40 minutes into Warschauer Str. found a cafe and ordered

"zwei cappuccinos und Pizza mit schinken" - it was cheap too!

On our way back to the apartment, we both concluded on not making dinner.

Ironic, the end.