Monday, November 12, 2012

What's Going On?!#@%&*

Although calm...thanks to Vinyasa Yoga, I'm (on the inside) distance from it.
I have this thing about work emails which should be tended to at the working place; don't check them at home; at home. Home where there is so little you can do at times to solve a problem for someone, if they expect a problem to be solved by 11:30pm (which may be unlikely) then don't check your work emails out of curiosity at 11:30pm which may be your bed time for work tomorrow.

I made this personal error tonight, because I'm the type that tends to stir (not worry) about things that my professional email receives. I work at a place in which, there is absolutely nothing I can do at night.

Why did I check my work email? It wasn't pleasant, and for lack of words (because I've been told not to provide words abundance) things at work are rut-like. hahaha rut-like...who am I?

Sebastian booked a flight for us (dutch payment) to Nice, France! We're excited about it. I'm hoping it's nice and sunny and oh yeahhh. I guess it kind of describes how I'm feeling, all sorts of emotions...many changes.

Change is goooooood I've heard that many times! But it's just too damn constant...I wonder if I'd be bored if it weren't.

I'm on facebook hiatus at the moment, the situation (for them) is desperate! Ever tried deactivating fb like a year ago? Now, if you're deactivating your fb account, there's a whole list why you're leaving...whether it be temporary, too much usage, bored, onto the next, etc...anyhow when you click your reason why- they defend themselves with things you can do to your account to reverse the reason why you're leaving!

Bottom line, don't hiatus fb if you don't want to hurt fb's feelings :(

for me, and probably every user on there it equals distraction. I find myself scrolling through pics, and descriptions of people I haven't seen or spoken to in years, let alone wave at if I saw them in public.

It's wasting my time admittedly...

Question, would you drive to your friends house and flip through their mobile phone albums, for 30 minutes? Literally grab their iphones and look at their mobile uploads in all of it's glory with what they ate for dinner, the change of season, their cousin's baby shower? - probably not :)

So what's the difference between doing it from the comfort of your lap top and at home?

I will rejoin the time wasters soon enough, I'm just curious to see what happens when I take this out of the equation of my day.

I'm going to put my intellect to work and create things...for now, perhaps lists.