Saturday, November 17, 2012

No sweat!

Weather forecasts report casualties due to fog

The trees are skeletal and holding onto one or two yellow leaves

I wake up nearly every morning and the sky is light grey

Christmas markets are beginning to decorate with plastic trees...

and for some reason (better than last week)...I'm feeling quite happy

Winter just must be an enjoyable season for me, because I have a hunch it wont be my last.
I'm writing from a very awesome location actually, I would describe it as a cafe on the corner of an intersection. The HEISSE SCHOKOLADE (hot chocolate) I am sipping on tastes more like chalk water, it's in a tall glass (that's a plus) but it was a bit pricey (3 euros 10 cents).

But I've had better here :) their pastries are super delicious, and the wifi is free. Dim lighting and hipster music will also serve to please. Across from this cafe are places to eat (which is more on my mind). I ate a pretty legit tiramisu and pizza.

Somehow, it compensates because the environment is unique. It's large two stories fit loads of people, and provide outlets everywhere for laptops and such. My favorite place is the second story because it allows me to look out of the window and stare down at hipsters and traffic.

Any moment, Sebastian will walk in with his huge tennis bag and probably and gladly finish my