Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm Having Trouble Staying Still

The word is 'Arbeitsunfähigkeit' (Are-bites-oon-fay-hig-kite)
It's the magic password workers in Germany present to HR upon prescribed bed rest for up to six weeks.
Is it paid for? You bet!

Bronchitis (for me) usually takes it's course within a couple of days, if I don't do enough to prevent it. It starts in the throat, then the nose, and thennnn in the chest! But this time around, it skipped all of those areas and within one or two hours my chest was under attack with tightness and wheezing!

My natural reaction was to bear it, because I am somewhat new to the company I am working at, and for me, missing a day is crucial to my learning. It sounds kind of geeky, but I am the only one in charge of the English speaking domain (I work for a social gaming startup ;) ) We send Newsletters twice a week, and it. is. not. simple.! The more I send those buggers out, the more experienced I get! For the past 5 weeks, I have relied on my colleagues to shadow my every movement - and it's becoming tiresome for both.

It's a start-up and I really like it so far. The environment is (as they posted correctly in advertisements) a flat hierarchy and serves amazing coffee!! There are really good restaurants and eateries to go to for lunch, and one could easily spend up to 5 EURO for a whole meal of Bread and Pasta! Luckily for me, and my upbringing, I prepare meals at home meant for left overs! So many a times, I sit alone in the kitchen and read. On an occasional Friday or Monday I join the rest for Pizza or Turkish food! Simit Toast, try it! According to my Turkish colleague, La Femme serves the best!

This week, Sebastian and I have eaten the spiciest Korean stew ever! I am convinced that a pot full of chili pepper flakes and assorted vegetables with a miso soup base is the remedy! But I must admit, I am feeling restless. For now, I do FB posts and blog posts from home, and certain translations for work, but it isn't enough! I hope I don't turn into one of these women who even on vacation cannot sit still without checking emails constantly! Shouldn't I be sleeping now? Maybe watching Devil Wears Prada and sipping on OJ and Chicken noodle soup? On the contrary, I am stirring, wanting to clean the apartment, work on my Master thesis, do arts and crafts - and somehow manage to contribute at work! All of those things will give me more energy, but since my nose is a leaky faucet, and my eyes are heavy and weak - sleep must be the thing.

Here is a clip I found of Sebastian and I in Prague, being tourists!