Sunday, February 24, 2013

Have you picked up any new languages lately?

Have you ever met anyone who could speak more than three?
Based on personal experience, U.S Americans really don't speak more than one! If some of them are lucky, their parents are originally from Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, etc, and are therefore : BILINGUAL

I consider it a blessing! All of those years I had wished speaking another language growing up, is now being compensated during my time out here in Germany.

Some have said that I have a talent for learning new languages, I guess I could agree...what is the root exactly? I think it's listening carefully. My ears are somewhat tuned into stretching out vowels and stringing them together with complex letters.

Growing up, my Dad used to say out loud on car rides to preschool and elementary very complex and hard words for children, and then challenge us to repeat it :

"I bet you can't say myocardialinfarction"