Monday, February 25, 2013

Dark Was the Night...and Day in shady Berlin

Here is a lovely track, originally sung by Vashti Bunyan. I heard it about two years ago, but it is an inescapable, chilling, and haunting tune. I really like the original, but I like the way Feist and Ben Gibbard sing it together.
Vashti's voice is much more eery and haunting though.

I almost purchased 'Dark Was The Night' from Urban Outfitters in Portland, but decided not to. My reasoning behind it - I had just purchased Samsungs new Smart phone, and therefore had heard many of the songs shuffled around through Pandora. I regret it now though, because I have a very basic plan with my phone, and therefore cannot access Pandora, oh, and Pandora doesn't exist in Germany...yet ;)

On really overcast and snowy weathered days like this, I would listen to that CD, and probably just blog all day, or eat the abundance of chocolate leftover from Christmas!

Sent all the way from Honolulu, HI - a box of spicy Tiger Chai Latte tea bags! I have enjoyed them endlessly with two leveled scoops of sugar, hot water, and a little milk!

One day I made Sebastian pancakes and bought whipped cream - it serves as a nice topping for my latte, thanks mee mee.