Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Turmeric Discovery for Leesee!

Somewhere along the lines of social media, turmeric has been a hot word among friends and celebrities alike.
After doing some internet research a lot of the articles I read state the same benefits of what turmeric offers!
Some of the great qualities I look forward to reaping are:
- Cancer blocking
- Antioxidant values against free radicals
- Potent anti-inflammatory
- Wonderful for asthmatics
- Disinfects cuts and burns
- Natural liver detoxifier
- May prevent Alzheimer's disease
- Natural painkiller
- Speeds up healing in wounds, and skin management
- weight management

I'm not a health enthusiast, but I really enjoy the fact that it aids in so many areas for the body! It's inexpensive, and can be found in most grocery stores! We purchased our turmeric from Vinh-Loi on See Strasse (among many other Asian goods for our kitchen).

So, this is my first go at turmeric, and to be honest it tastes like ginger grass (my burps are going to be strange), but after doing more research (on youtube) one can add flavor enhancers like: honey, coconut milk, regular milk, chai masala, and even pepper! One click on the photo above will take you straight to the recipe!

Of course, I'm just a blogger, so perhaps you feel that my advice on anything really is not credible - that's fair! So here is a link that will direct you to a DOCTOR who seems to know what he's talking about when it comes to turmeric.

So a big CHEERS! to your turmeric adventures, and may they be more delicious than my first try!