Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm Being's alright?

It's time's like these when I just want to arghhhh:

I come home from an excruciating 8 hour shift where nothing makes sense or works at WORK
Customers or "fans" have backlashed against the company you work for and have created ranting conversations on the Facebook Fanpage (ruining your post, and image in your boss's eyes)
You feel like you just.can' and no matter how hard you try to tell yourself that snow can be pretty too, it just really isn't when drippy spots of yellow beckon every corner (thanks BERLIN, I like dogs too but come ooooon!)
The massage therapist speaks only German and discusses complex studies on psychology and a personal business she'd like to open up one day, all the while her stomach growls because she is hungry.
I can't keep up conversations LIKE THOSE D: ! I just want a nice back massage! But I am considering opting out of them further because frankly, I don't care what language the massage therapist speaks (or I understand...I like to be massaged in silence, shhh!)
The turning point of the night is being loved and cuddled by...him <3 eggplant pasta with avocado salad with tomatoes and onions, balsamic vinegar and toast
I call my Mom up to see how she's healing, and what a wonderful thing, my Dad has got the day off and they are together at one of my favorite beaches on the West side of Oahu

"It's a sunny day, hot, a little breezy! Your Dad is going shell hunting and I will just lay out here on the beach."

"You just let us know when you want that ticket back home!"

I have never experienced the sensation of being mad, homesick, jealous, happy, and grateful all at once!

I sat there and cried....It's not so much that I miss Hawaii. I miss comfort and warmth. It doesn't have to be home for me to feel it, but it sure would help.

I miss them: